Deploying a python mapping script in Oracle Virtual Directory 11g using weblogic

May 14, 2010

This is a quick how-to post in order to deploy a python mapping script to oracle virtual directory 11g using weblogic manager.

  1. Upload the python script to weblogic server (using scp, ftp,whatever)
  2. locate the ovdconf/mapping_templates directory under the $MW_HOME
  3. move the script to this directory
  4. IF you are logged in Weblogic manager, logout and log back in. Otherwise you will not be able to see in Mapping Templates the new Template (and there is no reload button there!*$#(*$#($* )
  5. go to mapping templates, click on the new script .. and deploy

This made the trick. However regarding Python script support keep in mind the following from the documentation:

"The mapping information in this chapter is included for historical

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