Connecting Oracle Virtual Directory to an Oracle 8i database

May 13, 2010

The case is like this: You have a brand new Oracle Virtual Directory (11g) and you want it to connect to an Oracle 8i directory.  First attempt is to install the Oracle JDBC drivers. After downloading the proper JDBC driver (ojdbc6.jar) for the installed JDK and installing it, you realized that this driver doesn’t support oracle 8i. After some search you find the old version that supports Oracle 8i named classes12.jar. You install it, but nothing happens. Only the very informative error  message that there was a connection error.  The logs say nothing. You remove all the jdbc drivers from the instance .. checking the logs to see some error message. Nothing happens. Everything as usual. If you try to connect with another not installed jdbc driver to any database, the logs are full of java errors. With Oracle database, no errors?? WTF?!?!

The reason is simple. Oracle’s OVD comes with ojdbc6.jar preinstalled, but it is not in the normal directory that all the other jdbc drivers of the instance are installed, but it is in $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/Oracle_IDM1/jdbc, so it uses this.

The solution to connect is to go to this directory, remove all the jar files and then upload the old ojdbc though weblogic manager. (or you can always just put it using cp to $MIDDLEWARE_HOME/$INSTANCE/OVD/ovd1/plugins/lib).

At least with this way it connects to the database. Whether the mappings are working or not, is something to be checked.

Another possible solution, is to install an oracle 11g listener to the oracle 8i database (someone told me that this is possible) and then use this listener to use the database.


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