HTC Magic Battery life

November 14, 2009

Since a few days ago, I’ve been the happy owner of a HTC Magic. I really like this phone, and i believe that they have made a really nice work. The main minus point that i see is the battery life. In my own tests , if you have the phone using only 2G, no Wireless, no Background data synchronisation and also using the Task Manager to kill any unnecessary applications (that are a lot running each time), the battery goes off about 25-30% per day. (I’m having the bluetooth always on, and i’m using a bluetooth handsfree all the time, so i assume that by having bluetooth off, you might get somewhere arround 20 %). It is not so bad, but i don’t think it is good either. I would like my phone to last (using it only as a mobile phone and not a game machine)  about a week.

Having all the above on (so that you can have the full experience 😉 ) leads to having the battery off about 90% per day.  So every night (when it remains only 20% of the battery) you have to recharge it. This is something that i believe is acceptable, since all these consume quite a lot of power. However, even in this case i have a feeling that the battery drains too quickly.

Anyhow, since i’m mostly using the phone as  a phone, and don’t want all the hi-speed connections, i can survive for now 🙂

(On the plus side is that you can change the battery. This is something quite nice, since in about a year the battery will start to wear off, and the ratios described above will change to the worse ).


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