Heavy Multitasker ?? :(

August 26, 2009

As i’m writing this post, i also have an irc session (3 channels and 1 private chat), 2 IM windows, 4 other browser tabs, 1 email client. This is quite typical of the simultaneous applications that i have at each moment open, and most of the times i switch from the one to the other. This makes me a heavy multitasker i think.

Lately i’m read noumerous posts about the effect of heavy multitasking, with the latest being this one. I can see some symptoms that they describe. I do have a harder time concetrating, and habitually even while i’m thinking i switch desktops watching what is happening to the other applications (and if something happens, then i can be lost). I used to do the same thing a few years ago, but i could easily concentrate (and since i was a kid i had a really good ability at concentrating which helped  a lot of times) and didn’t loose focus that much.

I’ve started to worry, is this the heavy multitasking that affects me, or this is just getting older?? I wonder if  I stop doing the heavy multitasking will i revert to my previous condition?? Did other people have the same issues, and how did they solve them??


4 Responses to “Heavy Multitasker ?? :(”

  1. adamo Says:

    It is not getting older that is at fault. Multitasking requires excellent physical condition and it seems that you are lagging behind. Allocate sometime for serious exercise (ie. Martial Arts) and write back in a year about your heavy multitasking experience.

    • aristotelhs Says:

      Actually, i don’t think i’m lagging behing on physical condition. I exercise on average 1h/day, almost everyday (also some serious exercise), and since I was a kid (with a small break for 2 year in order to get in the uni) I always was exercising.
      Maybe the real reason could be some lack of interest or motivation, since i have to do now some of the not so funny parts of the job.

      • adamo Says:

        1. Is this (daily training)an externally imposed schedule that happens the same time everyday?

        2. http://www.structuredprocrastination.com

      • aristotelhs Says:

        1. More or less yeap. It is used as a good excuse not to stay all the time online 😉
        2. Thanks, i will read it 🙂 (Although that means that i’m using it as an excuse to not doing something else .. it sounds like a Nefarious circle, but ok i will do it the time i’m listening to ellinofreneia)

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