Is this a coincidence or what???

April 11, 2008

I’m trying to figure out if something is a coincidence, or some people have a really wicked sense of humor .. (that i really love). So let’s see the three parts:

  1. In a lot of shells (part of the globbing) we have the * character that can represent everything (still haven’t found when this was introduced though)
  2. We have the Ascii Table that was introduces in 1963 and a revistion in 1967 that defines that the * character has the value of … 42 (in decimal)
  3. And finally we have Douglas Adams and The Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy (started in 1978) where 42 is the answer to Life, Universe and Everything

Ok i don’t know if there is some conspiracy theory behind all these .. but .. if someone did it on purpose then he has a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR 🙂


3 Responses to “Is this a coincidence or what???”

  1. adamo Says:

    I think the Kleene star was conceived around ~1956 (maybe even before 1956).

    Nice observation though.

  2. aristotelhs Says:

    Well .. i have seen the Kleene Star when i was searching, but is used more in Regural Expressions, and it doesn’t have the meaning of * in globbing, so .. i still haven’t seen where this fits in the picture 😉

  3. adamo Says:

    [Shell] wildcards are another kind of pattern (string) matching. Put simply, wildcards are not as expressive as regular expressions but are inspired by them.

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