Stupid Windows

May 3, 2007

I was trying to install Linux to one of my friend’s laptop.  It was a HP dv2000 series (quite nice piece of hardware .. and it runs linux) and it had windows preinstalled. So .. partition magic to the rescue. Easy installation, easy menu, partition was resized in the GUI, rebooting for the actual repartitioning and … error.

After many reboots nothing has changed. The solution came from another friend (that he knows windows stuff) : run chkdsk c: /f

After that, partition magic worked fine:). However it makes me wonder how did the people in the store installed Windows, and they left the filesystem in an unconsistent state, and WHY the stupid windows couldn’t fix it. (The answer was : because of the log, it would keep the log till the file that was causing the problem was accessed and then it would be fixed).

I’m really happy that the support will be reduced to apt-get install from now on 🙂


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