Xen commit code for a “bug fix”

January 24, 2007

After installing Xen at some point i was getting the usual error message about /lib/tls. I had follow all the instructions, i had moved the /lib/tls directory to /lib/tls.disabled… nada. Always complaining on init.

After searching a bit i found this that fixed things:


The best part is the comment :
+ if (current->tgid == 1) /* Ignore statically linked init */
+ return;

ok , the reason is statically linked init with tls, but again there is no documentation about why is it safe to ignore init, or how can we find an init without tls. I really like the way OpenBSD people and FreeBSD people are doing, and they don’t accept any commit if there is no corresponding documentation about why this has happened.

The bug id


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